Northeast Biogas Initiative

Northeast Biogas is a community collaboration for biogas education and tech development

Our mission is to mitigate social injustices and environmental imbalances caused by fossil fuel dependence through the development of safe, affordable, easy-to-use small-scale methane biodigesters. Local, carbon-neutral renewable fuel increases our capacity to be part of a regenerative economy and circular food system.

We actively support new small-scale biogas production in Massachusetts and the Northeast US through strategic partnerships with farms, homes, co-housing, community gardens, schools, universities and businesses. Research models show that implementing biogas to its fullest potential will lead to a 10% reduction in carbon emissions.

Hands-On workshops

three people standing near a big blue barrel

Learn how to make biogas from your cooking scraps and other organic waste. You will learn either how to build your own, or how to set up and install a prefab system at your home, community or business. (3-5 hrs)

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