'Succeed with Small-Scale Biogas' course

"Succeed with Small-Scale Biogas" is an online course run twice a year by Kathy Puffer, our colleague, biogas consultant and educator. Kathy (kathypuffer.com) is the founder and lead educator of Biogas Education Hub, a global training center hosted on Mighty Networks. As a co-founder of SolarCities, she brings over a decade of experience in biogas design, implementation and education, and has worked closely with communities in Haiti. She lives with her family in the Hudson Valley, NY, where, thanks to biogas, she hasn't bought cooking gas in over 9 years.

From Kathy Puffer:

"In the past, I provided support to communities and individuals with small scale biogas designs over various social media groups, Google Docs, WhatsApp, YouTube, and email. However, in areas with low-band internet none of those applications were consistently accessible and information was piecemeal, at best. That’s why I created “Succeed with Small Scale Biogas," which is available on any smart phone via a downloadable app., to improve access to biogas education. In the program, students have access to a site design workbook, lessons with links to commercial companies and DIY designs, and 8 live hour-long office hours.

When learners feel empowered from their own success, they can inspire their communities to get fired up about biogas and thus do their part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve sanitation. The program “Succeed with Small Scale Biogas” aims to build community resilience, while producing their own energy from food residuals and manure.

“Succeed with Small-Scale Biogas” course opens for enrollment twice each year, at biogaseducation.com. Cost is $150.

Enrollment for the fifth cohort opens on the Winter Solstice, December 21, and live office hours start on January 10.

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"If now is not a good time for you to enroll, please consider donating to a scholarship for a program participant. I am able to offer some scholarships to people who live in (or hope to serve) high-need areas that are experiencing food, energy, and/or water insecurity. At this time, I absorb the cost of this highly subsidized scholarship rate, but this is not sustainable for me as a small business owner. Please help me to continue offering these scholarships to worthy students in areas of great need.

You can support biogas education in food, energy, and/or water insecure areas in two ways:

  1. Help me get the word out to folks who can pay full tuition. You can

  1. Donate towards the scholarship fund in increments of $10. It’s easy, just click on this link and choose your level of support."