Become a Biogas Apprentice

2022 Apprentices w/ UMass students and community members

With our Biogas Apprenticeship, you can learn everything you need to install and run a small-scale biodigester at your home, workplace or community center:

  • Site Assessment - is biogas right for my location? where should i put it?
  • System Selection - which biodigester is right for me?
  • Installation
  • Start Up
  • Feedstock - what can I feed my "baby dragon"?
  • Optimizing Gas & Fertilizer Yields
  • How to use biogas
  • How to use bio-fertilizer
  • General Maintenance
  • Cold Weather Modifications
  • Putting your system to rest for the Winter
  • Waking your system up in the Spring

Sign up by December 21, 2023.

Term: January - May 2024


  • 3-month online course with Kathy Puffer at Biogas Education Hub (January thru March/April, 1 hr per week)
  • 2 fieldwork days at small-scale digesters in our network in Western Mass, where you will put your online learning into hands-on practice
  • Connection to Northeast Biogas' community of practice in Western Mass and Hudson Valley, NY in person and on and social media
  • Connection to Biogas Education Hub's global network of dragon tenders on Mighty Networks and social media

Cost: $175-350, sliding scale.

Access Rate - $175 - choose this rate if you have low access to funds.
Our Costs - $225 - choose this rate if you are sustaining yourself, but don't have extra funds.
Support Rate - $350 - choose this rate if you have excess funds, and would like to help support others in learning biogas.

BIPOC and need-based scholarships and partial scholarships available on request.